2017 Women of Heritage: Candice Coleman-Henry

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Candice Coleman-Henry, director of program and events and certified international event and wedding
planner desired a career outside of her health care management background that would allow her creative
juices to flourish. In 2011 she decided to start her event planning/event design company Henry and Co.
Events LLC (now Iparty4alivng by H& Co. Events LLC). With word-of- mouth referrals and a great reputation of having an eye for detail, her business has grown into what it is known for today- planning stylish, modern, chic events. Looking to expand her knowledge of business and also to volunteer her services, Candice joined the Chamber under the Events Committee in 2014. She was appointed the position of Director of Program and Events in February 2016.
How does one find their voice? Find your uncomfort-zone and and you will find your voice. My
comfort zone was to live the life everyone envisioned for me. I was one to always follow the rules and
never rock the boat. My goal was to make everyone happy but in the end, it left me tired and unhappy. It was hard for me to face the question in life of “what makes Candice happy?”
As a woman, most times you are made to feel bad about doing what makes you feel good. But how can you give your 100 percent to the world if you are running on E? Like they tell you on the airplane, put your oxygen mask on first before attempting to help others. You are doing a disservice to others if you yourself can’t breathe. Quitting my full time job to take time (and money) to invest in my business Iparty4aliving was my uncomfort- zone. In the beginning as an event planner, I envisioned my purpose as creating stylish, modern, chic events for individuals and organizations to compliment their images. I realized after starting my business that it was growing but I was finding myself slimming it down to fit my full time job.

After quitting my job, opportunities came to me. I was able to take the time that I worked for someone else to grow my business. I received so many calls and messages from women I knew and some who I didn’t, congratulating me on taking the leap of faith to grow my business saying “I wish I had the courage to do that.” It was then it hit me that my purpose was greater than just planning events. My purpose was to give a voice to the women out there who possess talent that were afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Your
comfort zone maybe different than mine. So, I’m not encouraging everyone to quit their jobs tomorrow because that may not be for you. Make the necessary changes to change your life to get the outcome you desire. Face your uncomfort-zone and live in it and I guarantee you will find your “voice.”

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