2017 Women Of Heritage: Dimitra Diggs

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Owner: Urban Snob
Dimitra Diggs is the owner of
Urban Snob, boutique clothing & accessories for the small town girl with
big city dreams. For the past 5 years, Dimitra has balanced owning a boutique and working in the sales
department of a local insurance company.
In 2012 Dimitra had a vision to blend her business skills with her creative mind and
Urban Snob was born. At Urban Snob you can expect to find unique one of a kind jewelry, hand bags and clothing items. As part of fulfilling her philanthropic duties, Diggs has participated in community programs such as Sisters Helping Sisters, Handbags for Hope, YWCA and most recently partnering with Hamilton Health Center to use Urban Snob as a forum to promote HIV education and awareness. As a native of Harrisburg and a product of Harrisburg High School, Diggs is an example of how you can achieve your dreams with dedication, faith and perseverance.
Finding my voice has been a mixture of lessons, challenges, rewards and blessings. I will always be in search of what I need to live out my God-Given purpose. My Faith in God has given me the strength to speak out and gain self-assurance in my decisions. I use to value the opinion of anyone else before I trusted my own voice. For this reason, gaining confidence in my integrity and character helped me to be more secure with thoughts and ideas.
First, I had to start with the gift of acceptance by acknowledging my past and recognizing the need to look forward to be able to really find my peace. I had to set my pride an insecurities aside and really dig deeper to understand my self-worth.
As I searched for my voice, I had to deal with a lot of criticism. My vision was clear to everyone else, and at times, it was even difficult for me to see. I had to trust God’s voice and the path that he was paving for me.
Like any entrepreneur, I get this rush of great ideas but the information is only useful when it’s implemented. I took leap of faith to not only trust my ideas, but to also put them into action. Taking this leap helped me to make my business successful. Additionally, it contributed to my personal growth.
I am still searching for the voice that will tell me to not give so much of myself, that I become empty. As a consequence, I feel that generosity is a requirement for anyone who truly wants to be successful in business, relationships and life.
I use my voice to uplift, motivate and propel everyone around me. I am a natural cheerleader and motivator and I believe every situation is an opportunity to learn. The journey of finding my voice started as a whisper, but turned into the boisterous sound of applause.

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