2017 Women of Heritage: Cachet Adams

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Owner • Pampered Peacock Vintage
Cachet Adams was born and bred in Harrisburg. Her taste for entrepreneurship began in middle school
when she made and sold candy apples to her peers. In high school, she would’ve been considered a
“promoter” as she advertised and hosted house parties as early as 9th
grade. She earned a decent income without any previous formal work experience.
It wasn’t until her junior year at Rutgers University that she founded Pampered Peacock Vintage.
Initially, just an eBay store that served as an outlet for her thrifting addiction, within months, Adams
had shipped her hand-picked vintage threads to customers on every continent (with the exception of
Antarctica). It was then; she knew she had something special.
Upon her return home to Harrisburg, she decided to trade in her virtual boutique for a brick-and-
mortar storefront. Since then, Pampered Peacock and her personal life has had many iterations; most
recently, her unexpected plunge into motherhood. Today Cachet, like many other women, is trying
to find the perfect balance and ultimately her voice, while navigating the continuously evolving demands of her family, career and
I don’t have a voice. I have a baby and a boyfriend.
Those were my initial thoughts after agreeing to participate in the Women of

Heritage Breakfast to reflect on “finding my voice”. I sat there in a fleeting, but sobering moment of unworthiness, the kind of way that makes you question your ability to share a truly meaningful message on such lofty platform. I was raised to be confident  and I set out into this world awkwardly yet surefooted, which has always served me well. Maybe I have taken my voice for granted as I can’t recall the process of finding it. I founded Pampered Peacock Vintage (PPV ), a vintage clothing boutique during my junior year at Rutgers University. Within just two months, I had clients on every continent. When

I returned home to Harrisburg, I opened a brick and mortar storefront before my 25th birthday. I had prayed to be a mom and when that finally happened, I was completely at peace
with setting Pampered Peacock aside temporarily or otherwise. After my first year as a parent; colleagues and clients frequently inquired “what’s up with PPV?” Although I was happy in motherhood, I started to get the sense that I had somehow settled into a voiceless-mediocracy by choosing to indulge in
it as I done so with Pampered Peacock. However, my present-tense peers seemed to have filtered my voice through PPV. Albeit brief, I wondered if my hiatus has made me mute…I know for it has not. My voice is about acceptance. Accepting that my voice, will change over time and with life’s experiences;
and is not defined by owning a business or birthing a person.

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