5 Reason to Join Sisters & Friends Getaway in Martha’s Vineyard

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With times so tough and many having to forgo vacations, Sisters & Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard is the perfect opportunity to experience a wonderful place while not spending a lot of money. The air is fresh, the ocean is calming and the pace is slow. If you are interested in being the focus of a week-long vacation
where you have little to do except indulge yourself in rest and relaxation then join women from around the country for the 2014 Sisters & Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard September 7 through 14 or 14 through 22. Visit sistersandfriends.com or call (412) 391-8208.

See what others have to say:

1.Meet inspiring women at all stages in their life.

“I liked having meals at different houses…meeting women from all over the country…going to session on journaling and on creating the life you want…affordable price of the trip…the team was awesome!” Clarissa

“ I am so glad I came. Black women are phenomenal.” ~ Charlotte

2. It’s a guilt-free, no drama vacation.

“Most of all, I enjoyed sitting around and talking to people. This was a great group of women. It was wonderful to not be over scheduled and have time to relax…and enjoy company of sister friends.” ~ Cheryl

3. You’ll make connections and lasting friendships.

“Memories made and experiences shared… priceless” Pam

“…really enjoyed myself…so glad I chose to go…met some great ladies…received so much knowledge and wisdom that will last a lifetime.” ~ LaSonya

4. Affordable, unpretentious relaxation.

We stay in vintage Vineyard homes and share rooms with a sisters and/or friends. By the way, if you want high-end luxury, this is not it. If you want serenity and no stress, you will find it with this group on the Vineyard. This time of year marks the end of the season, which means it is quiet and serene. This low-cost stay includes all you need, including your meals.

5.Non-binding agenda.

Days include early morning swimming (or sleeping in), walks along the beach, line dancing, planned and spontaneous workshops and presentations that inspire and uplift and fun nights laughing, playing games enjoying good meals and beverages. The best feature is that you can choose what you want to do when you
want to do it.

“Really enjoyed the book discussion…” ~ Cheryl

Host Connie Portis and her team are passionate about helping women feel comfortable exploring paths they may not take alone. For 2014 Sisters & Friends Getaway information, visit sistersandfriends.com or call (412) 391-8208.

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