5 Successful Tips during the Interview Process

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As you are going through the interview process, there are several steps you need to take to prepare for a successful interview. This article focuses on five areas of the process and gives you some helpful tips to obtain the job opportunity you are seeking.

Knowing What Companies are Looking for in Future Employees

In general, most companies are looking for some basic skills and characteristics from prospective employees, including: Education, Job-Related Experience, Certifications, Job Stability, Reliability, Communication, Flexibility, Accountability, Professionalism, Team Oriented, Presentation, Commitment, Personality, Goal Focused

With numerous candidates applying to each position, companies begin the process of elimination as early as reviewing your application, resume and cover letter.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Your resume and cover letter can be determining factors in being considered for a potential job opportunity. There is some important information you want to include, and also be mindful of, when submitting your resume and cover letter.

  1. Provide your most updated resume with contact information.
  2. Check grammar and spelling.
  3. Gaps in employment – be prepared to discuss this if offered an interview and remember not to speak negatively about a previous employer.
  4. Include volunteer work and associations.
  5. Provide concise job descriptions.

For Cover Letters

  1. Highlight your strengths and summarize who you are as a person without making it too personal.
  2. Include your work ethic and why they should hire you. What sets you apart from other applicants?

Preparation For Your Interview

Make sure you are fully prepared for your interview, as this is the first impression the company will have of you.

  1. Research the company.
  2. Participate in mock interviews.
  3. Prepare questions to ask your interviewer.
  4. Review common interview questions and prepare responses.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the qualifications and functions of the position.
  6. Practice good, non-verbal communication.
  7. Familiarize yourself with the interviewer, the location, and time.

The Interview

  1. Arrive to the interview at least 15-20 minutes early.
  2. Wear the appropriate attire/dress for success (Suit – Business Professional and Business Casual – Less Formal).
  3. Remember to maintain proper behavior throughout the interview process with everyone that you meet.
  4. Give a nice firm handshake.
  5. Give eye contact.
  6. Answer questions asked rather than getting off topic.
  7. Be confident.
  8. Ask questions.

Thank You Letter

Your thank you letter is a way to express your gratitude for being given the opportunity to interview, and it shows your continued level of interest and enthusiasm.

  1. You can send the letter through email or direct mail; a hand-written note is more personalized.
  2. Use this as an opportunity to reiterate why you would be a good fit for the company.

Keep these tips in mind while going through the interview process to improve your chances of obtaining the job opportunity you are seeking.  Remember, the more effort you put in, the better the result. If you do not succeed with obtaining the position you are seeking, do not give up.  Your next opportunity could be right around the corner.

Submitted by Melissa Kane, Recruitment Specialist at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts


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