9 Places That Should Be On Your Travel List

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Billy Hicks a.k.a. Billigan is a photographer & videographer from Harrisburg, Pa, specializing in nightlife and lowlight imagery. He has a wide range of experience in many categories including travel photos, weddings, architecture, portrait work and wildlife. He has helped organize and participate in numerous art shows in Harrisburg and has close ties to many artists in the community. He is currently working with the city of Harrisburg to help promote local businesses and tourism in the city.


Amsterdam, Netherlands: Canals, bridges, waterways and unique architecture make up this fascinating, historic city. People here are incredibly friendly and it’s the type of town where you can spend hours just walking around and taking in the culture.


Atlanta, GA: For such a large city, ATL really has a “small town” feel in a way. Right off the bat, you will notice the southern hospitality and delicious southern cooking. Atlanta is home to many historic landmarks including the famous King Center, which houses the birth home and resting grounds of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Josuha Tree - Mojave Desert CA

Joshua Tree Park/Mojave Desert, CA: This is the perfect place to grab a map, highlight a small scenic road and take an endless drive in the middle of nowhere. This area of Southern California is ideal for road trips, but bring lots of water because the desert heat can get intense.

 Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV: If you travel past the well know “strip” area, you’ll find Las Vegas has a very rich arts scene, which I fell in love with instantly; particularly first Fridays, a once-a-month art extravaganza with blocks of a creative imagery and great food.

 Los Angelas

Los Angeles, CA: From Long Beach to Hollywood, LA seems to be a city that has something for everyone. Traffic can be rough to put it nicely, but hitting the beach in the evening and seeing the sunset over the Pacific will make it all worth it.


Miami, FL: Miami is rich with culture and home to some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. It’s the perfect city to spend your day soaking up the sun in the clear aqua ocean and then spend your night exploring the endless variety of clubs and parties.

 Munich-Germany - B

Munich, Germany: This historic city is full of culture, beautiful buildings and good food. Definitely a destination spot for a rich experience.

 New York City

New York City, NY: Everyone knows this city. I spent a large amount of time here this past year and found NY is really made up of smaller cities within a city. When you get to explore the different boroughs of NY, you’ll find each has it’s own unique makeup and culture. And don’t let the rumors fool you; most New Yorkers are very friendly and great to chat with about their city.


 Ricketts Glenn Pennsylvania

Ricketts Glen State Park, Benton, PA: Located about two hours north of Harrisburg, this state park has a mountainous hiking trail filled with gorgeous waterfalls. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet away from the city with beautiful scenery, this place is definitely worth exploring.


 Washington DC

Washington, DC: I love Washington, primarily for its wide variety of museums and monuments, most of which are free! DC is a great town to spend a day or two immersing yourself in the history and scenery spread throughout the city.


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