Access & Opportunity: York May 18, 2017

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Access & Opportunity: A Regional Message Of Collaboration

Access & Opportunity is focused on the recruitment, retention and development of a diverse workforce. The goal is to create a paradigm of inclusion based on best practices and collaboration that supports economic development across the region.

Access & Opportunity is a four part series which includes Harrisburg, Lancaster York, and Hershey Pennsylvania. The framework remains consist across the region with the goals being:

  • To convene proactive leaders that champion diversity and inclusion.
  • To reframe and reposition the brand identity of Central Pennsylvania as it relates to recruitment and retention of a diverse talent pool.
  • To share models of best practices in recruiting, retaining and developing an inclusive talent pool.
  • To be the catalyst for collaborations that impact creating a culturally inclusive talent pool.
  • To reposition the impact of community engagement and inclusion.

Join us as we convene these dynamic leaders in York Pennsylvania.

Special thank-you to Mayor Kim Bracey and the York Economic Alliance for supporting this initiative.

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