AMMA JO Expands Harrisburg-Based Showroom

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Amma Johnson, also known as AMMA JO, launched her name-sake fashion design label in 2014.  After 15 years of corporate experience, Amma kicked off her dream as a little girl to be a fashion designer with one sample and one handbag design. The AMMA JO brand is now carried in over 30 mid-sized boutiques in the U.S.  

“Since 2014, we’ve added a little over 20 new designs.  We’re in stores across Atlanta, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, South Carolina and now Texas, so it’s a very exciting time”, stated Johnson.“I’m still in ultra-start up mode. So we focus on small-lot production and, for the most part, we don’t produce more than 100 of anything.  We also have to keep our styles turning quickly.  Fast fashion is where it’s at right now and for emerging designers, variety is the key.  This expanded showroom gives us an opportunity to gauge the response on some new designs and selections before we take the product to market. We’re also doing small-lot production in Ghana and Kenya too, and I hope to continue finding ways to source my line in Africa.”

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The AMMA JO showroom opened in December 2015 in Strawberry Square in downtown Harrisburg and is celebrating the launch of the expanded showroom on June 17th.  In addition to new handbag selections, the expanded showroom will feature new test lots of men’s gifts, home décor, travel bags and other limited-time collections.   

“A lot of people asked me why I would want to be in downtown Harrisburg, but it was a no brainer for me.  There are thousands of people working down here and it’s a huge opportunity.  I’m kind of tired of the negative things people say about the city because it really is so vibrant down here.  We have so much support from folks working downtown and students too.  State employees are our No. 1 customer and are extremely loyal.  There’s a lot of energy brewing downtown and Strawberry Square is the perfect space as a retailer with so many people walking through on a daily basis,” stated Amma. “It’s like free marketing! Whoop! Whoop!”

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