BAM: Be A Creative Model Builder

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Be a Creative Model Builder

By Rev. Dr. Brenda Alton, CEO

Brenda Alton Ministries and BMA Resources, LLC.

How possible is it to find commonality within opposable minds? You would be surprised how much you can have in common with someone completely different than you.  You have heard the saying that “opposites attract.”  In some situations, this is true. Yet, as time progresses, opposites attract and then opposites attack.

What if we shift our mindset to acknowledge that within each difference there are shortcomings to a solution? What if both sides of opposition acknowledges there is within each side the least-worst option?  It is then possible that out of this tension there can forge a creative resolution.

What measure of progress could we achieve if we would refuse to attack and rather choose to emerge into a solution?  Instead of crushing the opposition, how about we leverage it.  Remember the best idea or invention may be great right now, but something better always exists, it just has not been discovered yet.

I challenge you to be a creative model builder.  Choose to build rather than destroy. I challenge you to look into the darkness and be the light of hope rather than dismay. Even our Creator saw the earth without form, and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. But the Spirit moved upon the face of the waters and created light, and the light was good.  The two opposites yet existed, night and day, but now they were divided to serve a universal purpose for all creation. Out of differences became a new way of life for humankind.

Remember, you don’t have to assimilate to become great. The world needs your originality. Be a creative model builder.

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