Be an Ever-Present Help

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Be an Ever-Present Help

By Rev. Dr. Brenda Alton, CEO

Brenda Alton Ministries and BMA Resources, LLC

Society is hemorrhaging from terroristic acts, the effects of the rise in opioid epedemic and the evil spilling of hatred, predjudice and discrimination. Many have pondered to ask what they can do to put an end to senseless killings, the demise of young lives, and the degradation of humanity. While we may not and should not try to be all things to all people and while we may not be able to solve the problems, there is the gift of presence that can stop society’s bleeding by applying steady, direct pressure and elevating the wound.

The gift of presence is practiced by chaplains. As supervisor of Spiritual Care Services at PinnacleHealth, I have observed the need for presence. A hospital chaplain usually does not know the person or family they are called to assist.  When a chaplain enters the Emergency Department, the ICU, or a patient’s room, there usually is no connection except the tragedy, the unexpected diagnosis, or the unforeseen death. Chaplains respond regardless of the person’s race, sexual orientation, religion, mental state, disease or socio-economic status. The mission is to help or meet the needs of the patient or family and listen.

Being an ever-present help can lift cultural and religious barriers. To accomplish this, one must be fully present to apply steady and direct pressure to societal wounds of heartache, pain, confusion, and grief. Listening to the wounded and, like the chaplain, assume the position to guide someone in the right direction as an ever-present help. You may be the answer someone needs.

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