Daily Sabbatical

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A period of rest can be defined as the following: of or pertaining to or appropriate to the Sabbath; any extended period of leave from one’s customary work, especially for rest; to acquire new skills or training; or relating to a sabbatical year. Such are definitions of the word sabbatical, according to

In a common structure of academics, clergy and professionals, this word is not often used in the context of everyday life. The closest I had come to experiencing sabbatical was Sabbath rest on Sundays.

I found myself longing for such a period of rest every day in response to juggling the fullness of life – marriage, motherhood, profession, home, volunteer activities, loss of loved ones, etc. A vision emerged of stepping out of life just for a little while to be still, to listen to the voice within, to create clarity and peace, and to find a “new normal” for my life.

One summer, I did just that. I reduced my schedule, held off from receiving new clients, and journeyed into self. The structure was to allow life to unfold as usual, and to give myself permission to show up differently, being mindful of thoughts, feelings, and my usual response.

Sabbatical wasn’t about simply taking the trip to the mountain, journeying alone, having discoveries, transforming life and coming back. It wasn’t about having an agenda or a rigid plan of action. Sabbatical became this insatiable idea that it’s our birthright to embrace discovery, to step into sacred presence to learn, to heal, and to be restored daily within the fullness of life. Sabbatical was a reminder of the gifts we receive in each moment through our very presence, opportunities to trust and choose peace. Sabbatical became a process of stepping into uncertainty moment by moment, cultivating courage, and trusting myself to engage with the divine presence leading my life. It was an extraordinary experience of renewal, shaping the way I live today.

What does the word sabbatical mean to you? This is your invitation to pause on purpose, renew your soul, and invite Sabbath rest into your day.

Nancy Feth is a professional coach and strategic catalyst, passionate about relationships. Her work with individuals, couples, businesses and teams has assisted each in developing relationships that are both authentic and intentional. Clients served range from international organizations to small-businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Nancy is a Co-Founder of Simply Grace LLC, a women’s community, business and brand designed to honor spiritual diversity and foster global kindness, compassion and love.

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