Dauphin County Jazz & Wine Festival: Jarrod Lawson

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Jarrod Lawson
Jarrod’s first memories were made exploring his own father’s recording studio. His parents still declare that it was never difficult to find young Jarrod-just follow the sound of humming or drumming. Upon moving to a farmstead outside of Portland when he was 8 years old, Jarrod explored his father’s record collection and found treasure in the recordings of Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. These two giants would inspire and inform Jarrod’s own development as a singer and songwriter of soul music. As he explored the magnificent harmonies of soul, a near-obsession with the piano blossomed when Jarrod was only 13. No matter what genre he performs, “everything he touches turns to soul.” What began as a child’s interest in sound and rhythm has become a man’s expression ofhis own character. He sings with integrity and spirituality, passion and compassion,empathy and sympathy–in other words, his own soul. See Jarrod live at the Dauphin County Jazz & Wine Festival on Sunday, September 10.

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