Dauphin County Jazz & Wine Festival: Jeff Bradshaw

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Jeff Bradshaw
Jeff Bradshaw’s story began at a dusty floored church in North Philly, where brass bands were the main attraction. He was raised in church and that is where he had his first musical experience playing the snare drum. Following that, Jeff began playing the baritone horn and sousaphone. He recalls one day in high school when everyone was asked to stand in front of the instrument they would like to play.
There was a crowd surrounding the drums, guitars, saxophones, trumpets, and woodwinds, but not one person was standing near the trombones in the corner. Jeff believes that was the day he became determined to make the trombone hip, and not just an instrument for nerds in the high school band. See Jeff perform at this year’s Dauphin County Jazz & Wine Festival on Sunday, September 10 with Eric Darius. Tickets are on sale now.

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