Eat Smart, Play Smart.

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Pinnacle Health Eat Smart, Play Smart provides children in the community with evidence-based behavioral
interventions to help them learn about the value of healthy food choices and physical activity.
Eat Smart, Play Smart meets once a week for eight weeks to help overweight children (ages 6-14) and parents become healthier through fun-filled education and fitness activities.

Eat Smart, Play Smart employs only degree, certified instructors in nutrition, mental health and physical education who use interactive games, cooking demonstrations with minimal discussion to uncover habits, choices and learn how to make better ones in order to lead a healthy, productive life. If a child’s Body MassIndex (BMI) falls within the obese category, he or she qualifies for this program.
Since the program launched in 2009, Eat Smart, Play Smart has helped families choose life changing habits.

Results have shown:
· Nearly three percentile for age reduction in BMI
· Increased physical activity
· Increased consumption of fruit and vegetables
· Decreased consumption of sugary beverages
· Decreased media screen time

Classes are held throughout the year on the East and West Shores. For more information, call the
PinnacleHealth oneLine at (717) 231-8900 or visit

New this year, PinnacleHealth is partnering with the Harrisburg Stampede to create the Eat Smart Play
Smart Kids Club. Membership offers young Stampede fans a “fan club” type atmosphere, provide unique
and exclusive in-game experiences, and also provide literature and information to enhance the heart-healthy messaging.

Registration for the Eat Smart Play Smart Kids Club cost $5. More information can be found at

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