Employing America’s Workforce: Building Your Competitive Advantage

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Vera Cornish, Denise Mandeau and Penni Wild are dedicated to lifting executives, human resource professionals and individuals to their best and highest contribution.

Creating organizations that thrive with great people and environments – it’s what CEO’s and human resource professionals want to create, and what job seekers want to find. The Manpower Talent Shortage Survey reports that 49 percent of U.S. employers are experiencing difficulties filling mission-critical
positions within their organizations. This and other surveys point to a crisis of skills “mismatch” and a lack of applicants among employer challenges.

Job seekers say their biggest challenges include: a mismatch of their skills to job posts, automated processes that keep them from talking to hiring managers; multiple panel interviews with no follow-up; lack of opportunity for advancement; and competitive compensation packages. Access and opportunity remain the over-arching theme on this two-sided coin. Employers want to access the best employees and
expand opportunities to grow their talent. Job seekers are hungry to access positions where they can fully engage, contribute and pursue long-term careers.

There is a new, emerging perspective that suggests something else may exist, which, when addressed, could change the game to create a new, winning workforce strategy. Staying competitive is a theme important to both employer and job seeker. Historically, cross-pollination – bringing ideas together from other industries and sectors – often leads the way to create breakthroughs. North Carolina’s Research Triangle, for example, brings together Interactive Gaming and e-learning to collaborate with advanced medical care leaders. This partnership is creating engaging and accessible instructional programs for paramedics
and rural healthcare providers.

Turnaround management – a field that relies on employing the best techniques and strategies to transform companies and boost result-driven teams – could offer important competitive-edge solutions to address the talent shortage. Cross-pollinating the best of talent acquisition, talent management and succession planning with turnaround management expertise may be the next big breakthrough for business executives, human resources professionals and job seekers.

One business turnaround and growth tool alone has a proven track record in matching right people to right seats – whether it’s pre-hires or existing headcount. More than 700 companies and 2,000 CEO’s report remarkable success from using it. To borrow a popular phrase, call it a “career-mash-up” – a way to
match your personal interests to a career – or in this case, human energy with the energy required of an individual job position.

Vera Cornish, Denise Mandeau and Penni Wild have chosen this technology to be front and center in creating the ideal match between employers and job seekers and meeting the needs of America’s workforce.

To learn more, be sure to visit the Urban Connection Booth at the Access and Opportunity Career Fair. Or, by phone, contact Vera at (717) 545-0299 or Denise Mandeau and Penni Wild at (847) 794-8946 (UWIN).

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