Finding Career Opportunities in the Harrisburg Metropolitan Area

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In recent years the economy has been slow and finding work has been a difficult task for many in the region that are unemployed.  More recently, however, an interesting dilemma has been forming.  On one side employees are looking for work and are having difficulty in finding work, and employers are reporting that there are few available workers to hire.

In reviewing the number of positions available and locations, both groups have some truth to what they are reporting.  There are a variety of reasons the jobs go unfilled including transportation, education levels, and skill sets.  Currently in the Harrisburg area there are a number of career paths available for a variety of skill and education levels.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, in October 2014 the Harrisburg-Carlisle MSA had 31,638 job openings and only 12,600 people unemployed.  These numbers indicate that there are a large number of opportunities available for job seekers within our region.  The industry groups that have the highest demand for workers are healthcare, retail trade, administrative services, and logistics and warehousing.  The jobs that are available have a diverse set of educational and experience requirements.

Almost 50 percent of the jobs currently advertised are looking for one year of experience or less, which can be good for new workers.  For education, the jobs are more varied.  21 percent require only a high school diploma, 34 percent require some technical training, and 32 percent require a Bachelor’s Degree.  This mix of educational requirements means that there are opportunities currently available in the market for workers that have a wide range of educational experiences.  Additionally, there is space for workers to gain additional skills to have the ability to advance in their career.

Overall, the Harrisburg Metro area is a great place to start or maintain a career.  With our lower cost of living and wide range of opportunities to advance, this is a great region to call home.




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