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Finding Your Voice: Alana Cornish

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Production Manager Jay Manuel Beauty/Special Projects
Iman Cosmetics
When you have found your voice there is clarity and direction in life.
You no longer look to others for approval and guidance. For me, my
voice is the strongest when I allow God to lead me and don’t rely on my
own understanding. With honesty, It’s easy to spend your life trying to
fit in, but you must remain steadfast and live in your true values and
unique qualities.
I don’t believe finding your voice happens right away. For me, it was
through experiences- good and bad, that my voice began to develop. I
found out what I stood for, what was important to me, what brought me
joy from within and what I was willing to fight for.
Everyday my voice continues to grow. But in order for this to happen
I have come to the understanding that I must live my life authentically
and true to me!

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