Five easy-to-use, free phone apps to make summer travel a breeze

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Travel season is almost here and planning that perfect summer getaway is exciting, but at times can be stressful if you don’t know where to start or what resources are out there to help. This summer, let your smartphone take a break from crushing candy and let it be your partner in planning your next trip. We’ve found five great free smartphone apps that can be your travel planning lifesaver. Whether you’re planning your dream summer adventure or just a relaxing weekend getaway, these apps can make life much easier and let you focus on the main goal – relaxation!

1. kayak

Kayak – Kayak’s website and mobile app are one of the top resources for pricing and booking travel plans. For flights, hotels and rental cars, Kayak acts as a search engine that will search all major travel sites and find you the best deal on your travel plans.

2. lonely planet

Lonely Planet Guides – From the makers of the renowned travel publications, Lonely Planet is an amazing resource for finding activities and fun things to do at your travel destination. Excellent for restaurants, shops, museums and more, this easy-to-use app will help you make the most of your time traveling.

4. maps.me

Maps.Me – Most smartphones come with built-in navigation software, but they all rely on your phone’s data plan. Map.Me is an offline maps application that saves map data to your phone’s memory, so it’s great for planning a long road trip or even just looking for a local coffee shop. With this app, you can get around with ease and not have to worry about those annoying data overages.

3. Booking.com

Booking.com – This app is another great resource for finding and booking hotels. However, if you want something a bit cozier, maybe a nice bed and breakfast or even an inexpensive hostel, this app will help you find smaller local spots the larger travel sites may miss. The app is full of user reviews and ratings so you can venture into the unknown with more confidence.

5. mpix

Mpix – For many people, their smartphone is used more as a camera than it is as a phone. After a whole vacation of snapping beautiful scenery and fun times, figuring out what to do with all your photos can sometimes be overwhelming. Mpix allows you to edit and upload all your photos into albums and order inexpensive prints, albums, mugs, shirts etc. If you sign up for their email list, they will often send you great coupon saving!

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