FUR-It’s Your Turn

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It’s everything you dreamed … A luxurious mink drapedover your shoulders as you stroll into church on a brisk winter morning.

A fox-trimmedbeaver jacket towhisk you in style from grocery shopping to restaurant hopping.

But can you manage it? Do you dare?

The answer is a resounding YES! After years of putting your dreams on the back burner, it’s finally yourturn to discover your gift for glamour at Muscalus Furs!

Ask anyone who owns a Muscalu Fur... It’s surprisingly affordable, practical, and versatile.Plus,Muscalus can fit every size, shape and budget!

For some, selecting the perfect fur can be as easy as 1-2-3. For others, owning a masterpiece will require special tailoring or perhaps even a complete custom design. That’s why Ron Cohle and his team pour 100 percent of their energy into earning and rewarding your trust. To their credit, Muscalus has been a trusted pillar of our community for generations.

Why shop in New York when world-class luxury and savings are in your own backyard? Just stop by their showroom for a personal peek at world-class luxury. The experts at Muscalus Furs understand what fabulous should feel like, and their pledge is to make that happen for you!

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