Good Ways to Make a Quick and Brief Getaway

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Do you feel at every turn someone asking for your money, your time and/or your things? Try disappearing for a little while so you can resurface with a clear head and calm spirit.

On an impulse extend grocery shopping, church or work with a few hours of me time.

Here are four ways to consider how to chill for a few hours:

1.         Go to a movie or two alone and get lost in the dark. Make it a movie that takes you places and soothes you. Don’t pick an action packed, mystery or horror film. Choose one that may make you laugh or cry the two emotions that may bring that calming effect.

2.         Buy a silly tabloid. Find an indoor or outdoor bench in a quiet place. Stay away from a mall or store where you will be tempted to spend or buy something you may regret.

3.         Treat yourself to a quiet elegant place for dinner.  Tell the waiter you are not in a hurry and to pace your courses so they are not served at once. Take your time, enjoy the meal and let your mind wonder.

4.         Get lost in the woods. Walk the safest wooded trail in your town. Take your time, this is not a physical exercise but a mental one. Be sure to enjoy the nature around you.

At the end of these escapes, meditate on how you will handle the issues facing you.

Get out of Town Overnight- G

1.       Make a quick decision before you leave home that you will not be back until the next day. Stuff your best oversized bag with toiletries, makeup, and fresh top and glitzy shoes.

2.    Keep on hand modestly rate hotel within a few hours from home in a town that has jazz (many people go alone), a spiritual place that is always open, or a theatre with live plays

3.    Since you have a cell phone you can be reached if necessary so no need to explain, in fact, it is that empowering feeling some of us loose…always having to report what we are doing

4. Before you go home, meditate on how you will handle the issues facing you. Make a list of the things you want to change, and how you will approach them or decide when you will review those issues that make your life stressful.

Plan Ahead for an Extended Vacation

1.    Think about the kind of feeling you want to leave your vacation with and back into selecting the place, the time of year and amount of time you want to spend

2.    Based on the above, select the place, and length of time your budget allows then decide who you want to travel with. It is important that you don’t make con to defeat the purpose of getting away

3.    Be flexible, when a deal comes up on one of the discount sites book it! You willbe ready because you have a travel companion, theoney saved and the mindset to go

4.    Each vacation day make a list of the things you want to change, or tackle and how you will approach them. the night before you leave review and revise so you will be re-charged  to face what’s ahead

Connie Portis is a publisher and host of Sisters and Friends Getaway to Martha’s Vineyard. Visit www.sistersandfriends.com or email her at caportis@hotmail.com.

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