Hidden Scar Breast Surgery improves appearance and self-esteem.

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By: PinnacleHealth Breast Care Center

A breast cancer diagnosis and surgery are life changing. For many women, so is the scar that’s left behind. PinnacleHealth Breast Care Center now offers women a new surgical option that allows doctors to effectively treat cancer while preserving the natural shape of the breast without a visible scar. This approach improves the quality of life for breast cancer patients thanks to an advanced procedure that yields both cosmetic and surgical success.

Removing the cancer is priority number one, but finding a surgeon who values the aesthetic look of a woman’s breasts is important, too. With this new technique, there are no visible reminders of the surgery once healed. Cancer not only affects the body, but also a person’s emotional and intimate well-being. Hidden Scar provides the self-confidence sometimes missing post-surgery.

With Hidden Scar, the cancerous tissue is removed through a single incision, which minimizes scarring and spares the nipple, areola and surrounding tissue. Incisions are made in the crease beneath the breast, along the border of the areola (or nipple) and behind the curves along the ends of the breast. This approach gives the appearance of natural reconstruction.

A new, three-dimensional procedure is the final step to the breast reconstruction: a nipple tattoo. The tattoo uses pigments, rather than ink, so the larger molecules are less likely to fade over time. Shadowing also gives a more realistic appearance. This technique is available to any breast cancer patient who has had reconstructive surgery at PinnacleHealth.

For patients choosing the Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery, they are at no greater risk of cancer recurrence than patients who undergo other types of procedures, including women with a family history of breast cancer. Hidden Scar surgery may be appropriate for a wide range of breast cancer patients wanting to avoid a nipple mastectomy or who may be undergoing lumpectomy procedures. Tumor size and location, as well as the overall breast shape and size, qualify the next steps.

It’s important for women to know they have a choice—especially when a cancer diagnosis makes them feel helpless. Cancer patients want to feel and look like themselves when they see their reflection, and this surgery helps them reclaim themselves on some level.

PinnacleHealth is one of just two Centers of Excellence for Hidden Scar surgery in Pennsylvania. For more information, visit or call (717) 988-1450 or (717) 545-5000 to see if you may be a candidate for this groundbreaking surgical technique.

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