How To Find Peace and Defeat Stress

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Escape. What a word. What a concept. We all know everyday life can be full of stress, anxiety, drama, depression, sadness and downright unfairness. Sometimes, you just need to escape.

Running away from your life and responsibilities becomes less and less practical as life goes on. So, how can you escape it all? It’s easier than one might think. In fact, over thinking it may lead to more stress.

So stop and just breathe; even if it’s only for five minutes. Block out anything negative from your mind. Stop and think of a happy memory with friends or family. Listen, really listen to the lyrics and melody of your favorite song. Say a prayer. Step outside and just bathe in the sunshine or the afternoon breeze. Step under the cool shade of a big tree and listen of the sound of the leaves blow. Whatever works best for you, the end result should be the same. Free yourself from the mental prison you feel around you. Break away from the bondage of life’s struggles and simply escape.

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