Leroy and the Legend, by Harrisburg’s own Judith Blair Brown

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The little boy was perplexed. His homework assignment required that he write on the topic of a legend. “But I don’t even know what that means,” he tells the much older neighbor. And so begins the tale of little Leroy. The new book titled Leroy and the Legendexplores the relationship between a young child (Leroy) and an elderly neighbor (Mr. Brown) as Leroy is taught a series of life lessons.

“Leroy and the Legend is the first in a series, and pays homage to fathers who are actively involved in their children’s lives,” says Harrisburg native Judith Brown, the book’s author. It’s something she knows quite a bit about. Her own father, Leroy M. Brown, was “the shining example of a hard-working family man. He was quite involved in our upbringing, to his last breath,” Brown says. “Unfortunately, many such men do not get the recognition, honor or respect that they deserve. While we acknowledge the mother’s role in a child’s upbringing (and we should), there are many men who are taking care of the family unnoticed. I wanted to honor those men.”

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In fact, Brown admits that the book was written as a tool for fathers to read to their children. “The plot will drive the storyline home to fathers, I believe. By the book’s end, fathers will realize the importance of their role to their children – and ultimately to the sanctity of the family’s structure. Leroy and the Legend is Brown’s first children’s book. It is a collaboration with New York illustrator Randell Pearson of Pearson Designs and slated for release in the fall of 2016.


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