Life Equals the Quality of Your Thoughts

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When I think of the life, I always reflect on my mother’s journey with cancer. After many days of going back and forth to the doctor’s office and in and out of the hospital, mom finally said, “Enough.”

She wanted nothing more to do with chemotherapy. From my point of understanding, the chemo was sustaining her life. At first, I could not see that life was not about how many days you have to live, but how you live the days you are alive. I could not imagine the pain my mother was enduring the day after each treatment; I wasn’t in her shoes. In my selfish state, I just wanted her with me, even though she was not herself, not able to do the things she once could do. One day my mother said, “I don’t want quantity of life, I want quality of life.” It was then that my eyes opened to view life as it should be. My mother stopped chemotherapy, we took her to Jamaica where she danced, laughed and enjoyed her family. That is the new life I now could see.

There is a difference of how you choose to live. When you choose to have quality of life, you seize each moment as if it is your last day on earth. You live life the way you choose to live it, not forced to live. Like my mother, life should not end because of a diagnosis, a divorce or a job loss. When life happens, and maybe it is a tough situation, still choose to do you. My mother transitioned three months later and my family was able to live on because we learned by her example of the quality of life being determined by the quality of our thoughts about life.

Brenda M. Alton

Chief Encouraging Officer

Brenda Alton Ministries

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