Live. Love. Laugh Out Loud

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By Nancy Feth, Simply Grace

“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Your life.”
“My life?  You’re kidding, right?”
“No really, this is your life calling.”
“Now that’s funny! My life does not talk to me.”

“Oh, yes it does.”

Finding it hard to recognize the inner dialog? This phrase may show up as a little voice in your head or heart, in conversation with another or through a life event.  When life wants to get your attention, you know it.  Think about it.  Scan back over the last five years.  Did anything significant break into the ordinary routine of life and wake you up? What was your response?

Life gives us nudges, gently and powerfully, depending on what we need. The challenge is to notice and mindfully choose our response.  Our life, a manifestation of the greater life that animates all of creation, is in a divine dance with us. Our life longs for us to live the fullness of who we are.

This is your invitation to pause and pay attention.  Feel the impact of the noticing.  Sit in the inquiry of “if my life was trying to get my attention, how would it do so?” Listen and receive. Watch your thoughts and body sensations over the next few days.  I promise your life is longing for a deeper relationship with you, and is giving you clues and guidance along the way.

By now, you are probably rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably!  Or perhaps you can totally relate to these words.  What if this is actually true?  Live, love and laugh out loud at the process.  Try it on for size.  Wonder, watch and be awed by the gift that is you.  Your life will thank you.

Nancy Feth is a professional coach and strategic catalyst, passionate about relationships.  Her work with individuals, couples, businesses and teams has assisted each in developing relationships that are both authentic and intentional.  Clients served range from international organizations to small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.  Nancy and her partners recently launched Simply Grace, a women’s community designed to honor spiritual diversity and foster global kindness, compassion and love and Simply Serendipity, a boutique with an online presence and storefront in downtown Springfield, MA

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