Living A Synergistic Lifestyle: Chelsea Doub

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A quote that I live by is, “Be fearlessly resilient.” There is a large body of research being conducted now on resiliency in children and what sets successful students apart from one another. Well, part of my answer is in my motto: be fearless.

It was difficult for me to move away from Central Pa., but the key to my journey has been fearlessly allowing my multiple identities to intersect and propel me in the direction of growth. While this has not always been something I have executed with ease, mindfulness and meditation changed my perspective on resilience and growth in my life. I’m a big proponent of mental health and wellness and believe a growing number of people are beginning to understand the importance of controlling what flows through your mind. By filtering negative thoughts and becoming a catalyst for positivity, it becomes difficult for adverse situations to impact the synergy of your growth, health and wellness.

Every morning, I allow my thoughts to ‘be still’ and focus solely on my breathing. In this practice, I am able to control my thinking throughout the day and create optimistic canals for challenges in my life. As a society, we often become consumed with everything that is going wrong in our lives; particularly as women, we easily write off negative experiences and failures because of our gender. Yet, by changing my mindset, practicing daily kindness and empathy, and through leading with fearless resilience, I can change my “I will” to “I did.”

Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Chelsea attended Trinity High School and graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park in 2011 with degrees in Biobehavioral Health and Health Policy and Administration. Following the completion of her bachelors, Chelsea continued her education at Yale University, pursuing a Master’s in Public Health. The focus of her research involved the correlation of obesity and education. During her time at Yale, she also worked in the offices of Alcohol and Other Drug Harm Reduction Initiative and Gender and Campus Culture within the Yale Dean’s Office. Passionate about the intersection of higher education and public health, Chelsea moved to New York City and served as the Program Director for the Summer Public Health Scholars Program at Columbia University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Educational Research and Policy Analysis at NC State University with a projected graduation date of May 2019.

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