Oh the places you’ll go…

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You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So, get on your way! Words of wisdom from the legendary children’s author Dr. Seuss which invites us to embrace the fullness of life itself. This is your invitation to explore, create and discover magic this summer. Experience life deeply and fully by saying “yes” to you. Listen to the whispers of your soul. Allow grace to move mountains.

Recently I had the opportunity to open a store in Springfield, Ma., the birthplace of Dr. Seuss. What started out as a “pop-up” holiday marketplace experience has grown to be a year-round women’s boutique along a pedestrian walkway, within minutes of the Dr. Seuss’ sculpture garden at the Springfield Museum. Listening to the whispers of the soul, we said, “yes” to opening doors, creating experiences of connection and community through business. We are experiencing joy in living a new adventure beyond our wildest imagination, showing up every day in faith, trust and collaboration.

Walk. Pause. Browse. Shop. Experience. There is magic in watching people literally come out of the woodwork and visit a marketplace that has been vacant for 12 years. There is magic in inviting people to align around a shared vision of collaboration and community. There is magic in saying “yes” to the whispers of the soul. Grace has me, and you, and each one of us. Grace is the wind in our sails, the breath in our being, the light in our soul. Grace fills life with magic, inviting you to embrace life fully. What are you saying “yes” to today?

Nancy Feth is a professional coach and strategic catalyst, passionate about relationships. Her work with individuals, couples, businesses and teams has assisted each in developing relationships that are both authentic and intentional. Clients served range from international organizations to small-businesses and entrepreneurial ventures. Nancy and her partners recently launched Simply Grace, a women’s community designed to honor spiritual diversity and foster global kindness, compassion and love and Simply Serendipity, a boutique with an online presence and storefront in downtown Springfield, MA



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