Partnering with Congregations for a Healthier Community

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Through the Faith Community Health Connection (FCHC), PinnacleHealth partners with faith-based organizations throughout the community to promote healthy living and provide access to the care and resources available throughout PinnacleHealth System.

Through the FCHC, PinnacleHealth is focused on:

· Strengthening relationships between leaders of faith and health communities

· Connecting people with education and services that will enable them to maintain optimal levels of health and well-being

· Providing access to quality healthcare and guiding individuals through the healthcare system

· Providing advocacy to empower individuals in healthcare decision-making

· Connecting faith communities to a network of support following illness, injury, and hospitalization

Each congregation appoints a Congregational Liaison who works closely with a FCHC Health Navigator at PinnacleHealth to:

· Answer health questions

· Promote a healthy lifestyle

· Schedule educational and preventive programs and outreach for your congregation

· Provide individuals access to appropriate preventive and medical care

· Provide support and follow-up care should you need to go to the hospital

If hospitalized, with your permission, the Congregational Liaison will:

· Contact a visitation team from your congregation

· Determine what your needs are during your stay

· Assess your needs upon discharge from the hospital

· Direct you to resources that will help you understand your treatment plan

For more information about how the FCHC can assist you or your congregation, please contact your Congregation’s Liaison. If your congregation is not a part of the FCHC, your clergy or lay leader can contact PinnacleHealth Spiritual Care Services at (717) 782-5220.

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