What Is A Synergistic Lifestyle: Dawn M. Offei

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A Synergy definition that I love is absolutely “a state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual effect.” There is a giant adult jungle gym apparatus, called Synergy 360. It is equipped with weights, pulleys, punching bags, lifts and bars. Synergy here combines multiple moves in one synergistic move in a timed controlled setting. The results are extreme and effective because it targets the affected muscles better than doing a single movement alone.

A synergistic life then, according to Dawn, is a life that combines all the past successes and failures of relationships, careers, decisions and spiritual journeys into one concentrated movement. It’s a life that shares and combines your strengths/weaknesses to own, accept and use them strategically for others. Synergistic life then combines several of these movements (a failure, a discovery, a success and a rediscovery) together to achieve the best out of a person.

Whether it’s circumstantial or self-guided, all of my experiences combined together targeted and strengthened effectively my life mission to “pursue.” I’m determined to pursue excellence, in whatever state, pushing myself to the limit. Failure is part of the journey not the end. I must get back up and pursue again. Recognizing failure is great. However, planning and executing the resolution is synergistic.

I thrive in training others for success, in whatever setting. Feedback from many of my training sessions was that not only did they become better leaders, managers, coaches or customer service experts, they became better people. We worked together in a particularly fruitful (genuine) way that produced an effect greater than the sum of their individual effect. That is synergie!

Dawn created OF Enterprises as a platform to teach, train and empower corporations, nonprofits and individuals “in pursuit of excellence.” Dawn’s training style is committed to practical application in the areas of leadership, customer service, management, coaching, professional development, team building, hospitality management and supervisory skills. Dawn’s expertise and passion was uniquely honed from by her 21 years of corporate training with Verizon Communications, a Fortune 500 company. Dawn couples her experience with a master’s in Organizational Management specializing in Leadership from Capella University and Certification in Applied Project Management from Villanova University. Based in Central Pennsylvania, Dawn Offei has gained an international reputation as a corporate trainer and instructor with clients in Accra, the capital of Ghana. She is sought after by five-star hotels and other businesses “in pursuit of excellence.” In addition to her business, she works very closely with her husband in ministry. She works in the Christian Outreach Center International where she leads the Music Ministry and Women’s Ministry, teaches Bible studies, speaks at ministry events and teaches Zumba class. Dawn is happily married to Pastor Francis Offei and they have two children, Chawn and Derek.

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