“What it means to live a synergistic life!” by Ebony Robinson

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A synergistic life is one where individuals exceed mere existence and thrive. Synergy represents that space where personal relationships, professional contributions and spiritual practice culminate in the actualization of purpose.

My focus on living a life of consequence propels me out of bed each day. Each dawn brings new challenges and possibilities. The challenges excite me. I enjoy solving complex problems, identifying the root cause, designing systems and evaluating outcomes. Wisdom and experience teach me that my health and well-being are as valuable as the joy found in my work. I must value sleep, nutrition and exercise if I desire to count myself as successful.

In this season of transition, I am utilizing the keys I already possess to unlock gates of happiness and opportunity. Power comes from a willingness to utilize the tools available and skill in creating favorable circumstances. I have given myself permission succeed and prosper. No longer am I waiting for someone or a credential to validate my efforts. The timeline and trajectory of my career is determined by the issues I recognize and engage to solve. Personal accomplishments are measured by value I add to my family and community. Sacrifice and opportunity costs have been redefined as investments necessary to live the life of my dreams. I will relocate for work, family, love or education. My journey to date has placed me in a state of readiness. Today, I bring my whole self to the table and am confident in the power of my strengths – dealing with change and ambiguity and a strengths-based approach to problem-solving and interaction.

Ebony Robinson wants to live in a world where women lead with confidence and the government operates effectively and efficiently. As a system developer with more than 15 years of experience, Ebony has worked with non-profit organizations and state and local government measuring and monitoring performance improvement. She relocated to Harrisburg from Pittsburgh in March 2015 to join Deloitte Consulting. In this role, Ebony supports large-scale technology implementation through change management and learning and development strategies. Ebony received her M.S. in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University and her B.A. from the University of Michigan. When she is not dancing or waxing poetic on all things Detroit, Ebony provides education and tools to help women grow and execute their dreams. You can find Ebony on LinkedIn.


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