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Nearly 20 years ago on a Friday night in October, you would find a young Jamien Harvey tackling players on the gridiron at Harrisburg High School’s Severance Field. Now as Executive Director for the Camp Curtin YMCA, you will find him keeping a watchful eye over the youth of uptown Harrisburg at his Jump Shots, Not Gun Shots open basketball program.

In his five years in this position, Harvey has implemented numerous community programs, made vast improvements to his branch of the YMCA and most recently secured a half million dollars in grant funding from Impact Harrisburg to build an indoor turf field .


Throughout his professional experience in various career fields, there has been one common goal – to lead and uplift the youth in this community. Prior to accepting the position as Executive Director, Harvey was employed as a football coach at Harrisburg High School, Bishop McDevitt and even started his own non-profit organization, Big Boys in Training, which at one point hosted summer football training camps.

In asking Jamien what he has in store for the future of the Camp Curtin YMCA and the region, he offered these words: “I know that the future of Harrisburg is bright, because I see it come in the doors of the YMCA every day. Young men and women of Harrisburg, full of potential, come to us for guidance, encouragement and consistency. To meet this need, we not only provide sports and training, we also have partnered with local agencies to provide counseling and mentoring. We must all be reminded that the city of Harrisburg is full of bright, young minds and open hearts. Considering this point, it is my humbling pleasure and privilege to see it as my duty to give back to our capital city of Harrisburg as a public servant in the form of the Executive Directive for the Historic Camp Curtin YMCA.”



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