The S in Synergie is for “Self-Care” by Madonna Awotwi

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I am writing this article from the confines of my bed. Stricken with Bronchitis and possibly the flu, I am learning a hard-pressed lesson about the importance of taking care of YOU first. This is paramount to living a life in synergie. It is nearly impossible to take care of everyone else and neglect the most important person in the equation. YOU.

You must take care of yourself in order to have complete and utter synergie in all aspects of your life. I am guilty of running on E more often than not. Because I have such a commitment to excellence, I often feel like I have to get everything done right away and that I am the ONLY one who can get them done. That mindset only serves to overwork those who subscribe to a super-woman mentality. We were not designed to do everything by ourselves. Those who can successfully live in synergie have realized this.

Living a synergistic life for me requires three things: Daring, Diligence and Delegation.

Daring – I have dared to believe that I can live a life beyond my wildest dreams. That I can be unapologetically happy and live my life with unspeakable joy. I have written the vision for my life and I am watching my visions come to pass one at a time!

Diligence – Through Vera Cornish’s “Dare To Dream” series, I learned the power of perseverance. The level of commitment you have to the things that are important in your life. We all have ups and downs and we all experience the pitfalls of life, however, true synergie is when you are able to fall down seven times and stand up eight. Never give up, plan your work and then work the plan!

Delegation – Truly realizing that we cannot do it all ourselves. As an entrepreneur, mother, significant other, sister, daughter, friend, director of social media for a nationally recognized organization, brand manager for a local boutique and moonlighting as an author and spoken-word artist, I barely have time to breath let alone do the laundry or cook dinner every night. The things I was taught were “my duties” as a woman often take a back seat to late nights and early mornings trying to make my first million. I have learned the value of outsourcing my house work, planning my meals and doing my laundry daily so it doesn’t pile up. Now if I can just find someone to sleep for me, I’ll have this whole thing figured out!

Overall, I am a synergistic work in progress. Balancing my dreams and daily living. Writing my visions and living them out loud. Each year I strive to be a better version of myself. I encourage you to do the same. Love each other, love yourselves.

MaDonna  Awotwi  is a first-generation  American  born  Ghanian,  considered  a  hoarder  of useless  information,  connector  of  words,  observer  of the  seemingly unrelated  and  a  Social Media  Engineer.  MaDonna  is  very  involved  in  the  community  and  bringing  awareness  to  the importance  of  literary  arts  in  her community.  Educated  through  the  Harrisburg  School District, she  is currently  pursuing  a  degree  in Professional  Communications  from  Dusquene University. MaDonna wears  many  hats,  is word  enthusiast,  dictionary  aficionado,  social  media  magician  and overall passionately  in  love  with  doing  the  work  of  the community.



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