Profile: Marcia Perry

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Marcia Perry, owner of PMG, has over 21 years of successful marketing, media, multicultural and publicity experience – all of which have been anchored by innovation and an unparalleled approach.

Her professional portfolio is decorated with the success of numerous multimedia promotional programs and events showcasing national brands such as Crown Royal, Pepsi, Philips Electronics and the U.S. Army.

Calling Central Pennsylvania home for the past nine years, Marcia has built a robust arsenal of strategic alliances that have led to positive returns on investment for many Pennsylvania organizations and programs. In 2014, Marcia launched PMG in Harrisburg, Pa., to combine her effective marketing, advertising, public relations and relationship building skills with her passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs.

Marcia is an expert in media research and strategy and knows how to connect consumers to brands.  As the leading force behind PMG, Marcia is excited to use her talents to help many more small businesses and non-profits thrive in Pennsylvania – and beyond!

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