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Who are you? My name is Dimitra Diggs. I am a woman who is passionate about style, fashion and my community – a small city girl who has always had big city dreams.

What is Urban Snob? Urban Snob is a style blend of where street meets chic.

Why did you start Urban Snob? I wanted to bring creative and unique accessories and handbags to Central Pa. It was just as important for the boutique to look the part of a contemporary, cool and hip place to shop.

As a business owner, how do you overcome challenges? There are definitely challenges as a business owner.

When things get crazy, I search for inner peace through prayer. This allows me to have a level head and approach things impassively. I try to always remain positive in all situations so that “pure energy” gets returned to me.

What makes a great leader in your opinion, and how do you relate that to your business practices? A great leader is one that is honest, committed and has the ability to inspire. I am more motivated by someone that encourages me and makes me believe I can do my best.

What do you look for when merchandising your store? Buying for the store is the most fun part of my business. It allows me to show my creativity. I look for statement pieces that you will be able to use in your wardrobe forever, and I also like to mix it up with what’s current and fresh. I like anything that is different and unique.

How do you stay ahead of the trends? To stay ahead of the trends, I spend a lot of time researching what is up and coming and I will travel to NY and LA to see what kind of vibe the people are wearing in those areas. I then try update my customer base on what is current through my social networks. I always get happy when I have a piece of jewelry or a handbag before it is seen on TV on a celebrity. It brings credibility to my keen eye for what is hot.

What do you do as business owner to stay inspired? I travel a lot and I love to people watch. During my travels, I get to meet some of the most interesting and cool people. Everyone has a story to tell, and listening to their stories inspires me to continue to bring some pretty neat things to this area

What are your Top 3 summer accessory choices and how would you style it? A statement necklace will always jazz up a plain shirt or tank top and pull your look together. Secondly, you can never go wrong with a great handbag. The fringe look is a trend that is back. We have fringe bags in stock now that will pair perfectly with your spring/summer looks. Sunglasses are always a go to when wanting to add a little something extra to your style. Also, we are so in love with the color of the year, radiant orchid.


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