Race Relations, Reinvented: “The Bold and the Sanctified®” Heads to The Forum in Harrisburg

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Race Relations, Reinvented:

“The Bold and the Sanctified®” Heads to The Forum in Harrisburg

By Angela Rowan

Returning after critically acclaimed shows in Pittsburgh, Akron, and Youngstown, The Bold and the Sanctified takes a raw, no-holds-barred look behind the scenes at what happens when a small black church and small white church are financially obligated to combine congregations.

As can be expected, everything and everyone – from the choir, to the pulpit, and even the usher board – is disturbed by the inconceivable union in what is arguably the world’s most complex organization: the church. But what isn’t expected – and where The Bold and the Sanctified truly and courageously elevates – is in how each character struggles with issues related to race, compromise, community, love, betrayal and survival, and ultimately strives to answer the big, booming question: “Can they make it work?”

Obviously, and especially in light of recent violent outbursts in cities across the country, the subject matter for The Bold and the Sanctified is serious and severe. As such, there are plenty of teeth-gnashing, fist-clenching, and, “Did I really just hear that?” moments. Wonderfully however, there’s also an abundance of laughter, joy, singing, and uplifting twists and turns that will have audiences laughing until it hurts, clapping and stomping in rhythm, and standing up to cheer.

“When we talk about race on our radio show, the No. 1 issue that listeners want to deal with is how unity should work, and what it could look like,” commented The Bold and the Sanctified’s writer and director Sherri Lynn who also co-hosts and produces The Brant Hansen Show. Those concepts are explored and brought to life in The Bold and the Sanctified – and just like real life, the outcome isn’t a forgone conclusion, and the people are completely human and authentic. After all, “when you take two different cultures, shove them in a building together and don’t let them leave, it’s bound to be a beautiful mess!”


The Bold and the Sanctified takes the stage at The Forum on October 21. Another sell-out is expected, and those interested in attending are encouraged to purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment. For tickets and additional information visit

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