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During a performance in 1969 at Woodstock, a music and art fair that ran for three days in New York State, Sly and the Family Stone released the song “Hot Fun in the Summertime”. The lyrics went like this:

“End of the spring and here she comes back, Hi, Hi, Hi, Hi there, Them summer days, those summer days. That’s when I had most of my fun back. High, high, high, high there. Them summer days, those summer days. I ‘Cloud nine’ when I want to. Out of school, yeah. County fair in the country sun. And everything, it’s true, ooh, yeah, yeah. Hot fun in the summertime, hot fun in the summertime, hot fun in the summertime”!

This song portrays a great theme for entering the summer months full of parades, family reunions, backyard cookouts, art shows, and music festivals. Summertime is a time when families do not have to spend a lot of money to have fun making fond memories. There are local festivals to attend, beautiful parks to visit, and backyards that you can fill with family and friends. Let this summer be a fun time, a memorable time, and a safe time.

A safe time because while we enjoyed the song “Hot Fun in the Summertime,” there is a subliminal message of an association between fun and substance abuse. Dauphin County alone has experienced a 107 percent increase in heroin overdose deaths from three years ago, and 80 percent of people addicted to heroin were first addicted to prescription painkillers. While having fun, be mindful of how much you drink and don’t allow drugs in your hot fun this summer. Only allow family, friends, fun and love. Be strong and be safe!

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