Sisters & Friends – Destination Martha’s Vineyard

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Can you imagine a place where there is no smog, no 18-wheelers pushing you to go faster, no temptation to visit a fast food franchise (because there are none) and a place where you can dress down all the time?

Imagine being in the company of adults who seem like folks you’ve known all your life –women who have inspiring stories and, even better, advice. How about being in a place where your meals are delicious and prepared for you every day, a place where you can walk along the ocean or sit on the porch and relax all day for an affordable price for an entire week?

Welcome to Sisters & Friends on Martha’s Vineyard. What better place to create your “A GAME” and reframe what it means to live life to the fullest. Vera Cornish, speaker, facilitator and strategist finds the environment of Martha’s Vineyard perfect to renew your mind, refresh your spirit and to create a whole new game plan for living.

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