Sitting at the Table: Political Powerhouse and Entrepreneur Renee Amoore Knows What it Takes to Make a Difference

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At an early age, Renee Amoore knew that change was needed; little did she know that she would be a prominent force behind it.

As a young African American girl in a predominately white community, Amoore found herself teased, bullied and torn down. But, rather than give in to such torments, she fought back with her unique brand of tenacious fire, transforming herself into a registered nurse, budding entrepreneur, healthcare advocate, political livewire, and community champion.

Now, how did a woman make such a profound journey, you might ask? Well, Amoore attributes her strength, passion, and support to her family. Her mother, Juanita Ramsey was instrumental in the Republican Party for decades within the African American communities in Bryn Mawr and Haverford. But, despite this politically charged lineage that inspired her to become the caring and community driven woman she is today, the impetus for Amoore’s personal involvement in politics stemmed not from her mother, but rather from her daughter, Cherie.

Having just moved to Upper Merion Township, Cherie was just entering elementary school when she was readying herself for her bus trip to school, only to have been taken aback and called by a racial slur. To address this issue and its underlying meaning, Amoore successfully ran for a seat on the Township School Board to ensure that a positive difference could be made.

As Amoore settled into the early stages of her emerging political career, a twist of fate began to appear on the horizon. Attending a Young Republican fundraiser one night, Amoore was brought into contact with then-Congressman, and future Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Ridge. Finding it difficult to contain her enthusiasm and excitement, Amoore shared her concerns regarding the Republican Party and how it related to various minority groups. And, from that moment, her fate was sealed as she emerged as a key political ally and soon to be the only African American Deputy Chair of a state Republican Party.

With such political success in place, Amoore emerged into a world full of high-level professional contacts. Supported by this strong foundation, she decided to expound on her nursing and management background, and set off on her own, trusting her gut to see her through. And, it did as Amoore first ventured out in 1996 with the creation of Amoore Health Systems, Inc. (AHS), a company designed to contribute significantly to the improved delivery, service, and quality of healthcare in the United States. Then, in 1999, Amoore expanded her enterprise with the creation of 521 Management, Inc., which has grown to become one of Pennsylvania’s premier strategic communications firms providing services related to government affairs, media and public relations, grassroots and community outreach, and corporate training. And, if that was not enough, that same year, Ramsey Educational Development Institute, Inc. (REDI) came on the scene. As a non-profit agency, REDI was designed to provide a variety of services to children and adults throughout the area, focusing on job readiness skills, social survival techniques, and early intervention services for children.

With such breadth and diversification housed within her conglomerate, The Amoore Group, Amoore is known today as one of the most successful black entrepreneurs in the Philadelphia region, the state of Pennsylvania, and the country.

But, as Amoore believes, with such success comes great responsibility: a responsibility to give back. A beacon in her community, she is involved in the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber Executive Committee, the Dorys Erving Fit Youth Foundation, CMS, Women Against MS, Take the Lead Event Committee, Vision 2020, the Pennsylvania New Majority Council, and the RNC National African American Advisory Council, while also serving as a Drexel University Trustee, a member of Drexel University’s Executive Board, and the Chair of the Joint Board at Saints Memorial Baptist Church.

With such passion and drive behind her, one thing is for certain: we have not seen the last of Amoore or her keen insight into politics, the economy, healthcare, and women’s issues, as she continues to break down barriers in her personal, professional, and political life.


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