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Summertime is officially here – backyard barbecues, weddings and vacations.  If you’re wondering what you’ll wear to the next date on your calendar, follow these tips for looking good and feeling great.


Over the last few summers, neon colors have been demanding all the attention.  This summer, command the spotlight with a whisper in pastels.

Wide-Leg Pants

On a mild summer day, try wide-leg pants.  If you pair these flared bottoms with a crop top, you’re sure to be current with the trends.  Not comfortable bearing your midriff?  Wear a shirt that’s short in length and is light in fabric to match the relaxing style of the pants.


Summer can get pretty hot, and you will want to stay cool.  Accessories can provide the perfect alternative to jazzing up your outfit and fighting the heat.  Protect your hair against frizz and humidity by shading your face with a hat.  Caps are in full effect with an array of designs.  If you want a more sophisticated look, top your ensemble off with a fedora.

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