Time To Leap

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Have you ever had an opportunity present itself, but you do not feel as though you are ready? You spend your time looking at all of the mistakes that you have made, focusing on your shortcomings and imperfections or perhaps allowing fear of the unknown to hold you hostage.

Maybe you are in a state of complacency and are now willing to accept a temporary setback as the new norm and reality. Consequently, you dismiss the opportunity in believing that you are not worthy. What you may not be realized at the time is once you close the door on an opportunity, it may never show itself again. Rather than running the risk of allowing another opportunity to pass you by, now is the time to get up and do something different…LEAP!

The truth is you will never know what lies before you by simply standing still and doing nothing. The failures and mistakes of the past must become the driving force to move you forward into your destiny. Your willingness to leap serves notice to your fear that it is no longer in control. Now is the time to seize upon the opportunity that is knocking at your door. You must reclaim the things that you have sacrificed and surrendered like your peace and self-confidence. Walk confidently in the newness and liberty that each day provides. Don’t merely walk into your destiny, LEAP into your destiny!

As we prepare to celebrate the holidays with loved ones and embark upon another year, it provides the perfect opportunity to encourage one another to leap. Identify the hurdles, the strongholds, the setbacks and the disappoints – then LEAP! It is time to forget those things which are behind and realize that what is to come is far better than what’s been! This is your season to LEAP!!

Written by Adrian Buckner

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