Turn Your Dreams into Action

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Do you have dreams and aspirations that are outside the box and against the grain? Those “wanna do’s that we think we can do,” but, not right now?

It is never too late to put your dreams into action. After all, most thoughts are dreams and hopes until you take the first move. Here are some steps to consider when pursuing your aspirations.

  • Write the main focus down – Go Back to School, Open a Coffee Shop, Design a Clothing Line, Travel the Mediterranean, etc.
  • Write everything down associated with that goal. Do this in no particular order or without too much thought. You may end up with 25-100 items on the list.
  • Make each item into its own line by cutting them in strips.
  • Sort them according to their likeness – Finance things together, attitude items together, getting started items, etc. You will see a pattern as you move along. You should have at least four groups but no more than six.

This exercise uses both the left side of your brain for organizing your thoughts and the right side of your brain for cutting and grouping to be creative.

This is where the fun begins. You will need to determine what order the items should be done or if you are planning to launch a business or major project then you have the elements to help you begin to prepare a more formal plan. This exercise is meant to take your dream from “in your head” to into the beginning of an action plan.

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