What in the world is Creativity Unleashed?

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Creativity Unleashed is not art. It is not street art, fine art or even music. Creativity Unleashed is a lifestyle and an attitude that drives our community’s strong attraction to creatives of all kind, including artists, but also millennials and inspired thinkers, makers and doers.

Creativity Unleashed is our inheritance from a history of manufacturing that was not simply production, but design and crafting for beauty, efficiency and excellence. York produces some of the finest motorcycles, violins, packaging containers and aeronautic parts in America. But the story does not end with manufacturing. It is the driving passion of this community that inspires and encourages people of all ages and all career to explore their creativity.

We are a community of game-changers with an energy for fresh ideas, novel approaches and intriguing opportunities, such as those found in much larger metro areas. Our public spaces are adorned with art recycled from our past. York is becoming a foodie paradise with options from farmers markets, food trucks, farm-to-table eateries, fine dining, cozy cafes and eclectic bistros.

Active and engaged young professionals pool funds and challenge us for game-changing ideas. Others run their entrepreneurial startups while sharing space and thinking sessions with coworkers, sometimes resulting in new ventures. Self-proclaimed “Punks” rally to beautify and build up our city. York’s music scene abounds, from soulful rocking club atmospheres to the harmonious instrumentals of our symphony orchestra. Our treasured rail trail is recognized as one of the best in the nation. Talented youth can vie for roles in Broadway inspired performances, or display their art at our many galleries. Adults gather over wine and coloring books, present their stories to live audiences in a nightclub setting, and even swap their talents to learn new skills.

Through all of this dynamism we hold tightly to the small town charm that outsiders immediately notice: Our streets, shops and restaurants provide familiar faces. A spirit of cooperation, pride and community offers endless opportunity to play an active role in producing positive change.

Creativity Unleashed is so much more than art….it is the art of blending inspiration with action that continues to make York a smart choice to live and work.

For more information on how the Creativity Unleashed message can help you attract the innovative talent of today and tomorrow, contact us at, or call (717) 848.4000.

By: Ellie Lamison and Kim Lentz, York County Economic Alliance


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