What is Ahead for 2016?

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Every New Year, people begin to proclaim a resolution about what their goals will be for the upcoming year. Many times, we are looking to receive something special or divine. Regardless of what is ahead, the question to answer is are you prepared? Are you prepared to face the shifts that will present themselves in your life, your career, your community and your family?

Think about the shift key on a keyboard. The shift key is a modifier key which is simply the key that temporarily adjusts the normal action of another key when pressed together. The modifier key by itself is absolutely useless, but pressed with another key, what was lower becomes upper. A key’s identity changes when pressed with the shift key and now, what was transforms into something new.

The year 2016 is a year where we need to make sure every minute counts. Inside all of us, there is a contribution for this world that must be given. So, will you be prepared to be pressed for the shift from normalcy to a new normal? Are you prepared to be the shift that your community needs? Are you prepared to shift to a new location or a new career, because your current situation is a temporary place waiting for you to move from your lower status to your upper status? This New Year, be ready to shift.

Brenda M. Alton

Chief Encouraging Officer

Brenda Alton Ministries

Building, Advancing, and Maintaining

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