What’s possible? The power of exposure.

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What’s possible? The power of exposure.

By Nancy Feth, Simply Grace

Gentle waves grace the shore of an Adirondack lake. Warmed by the sun on this cool fall morning, the surface glistens with an invitation to reminisce and dream. Gazing at an American flag, I find myself thinking of the past 25 years traveling to this place. In this home away from home lie freedom and a piece of my heart.  I pause and imagine how life may have looked without this annual ritual. Memories arise and give way to awareness of the creative power of exposure and experience. I am most grateful.

Exposure to this tiny town north of Lake George has provided freedom to rest, freedom to dream, freedom to imagine, freedom to create, freedom to share time with people I love, and the opportunity to meet others who would not ordinarily be in my life. It has been a safe place for healing and the exchange of ideas while honoring diverse viewpoints. It has also been a stepping stone to many new adventures and experiences – a bridge between what has been and what can be, an opportunity to see with new eyes. Ritual nourishes the seeds of hope and possibility.

Would I be the person I am today without this annual pilgrimage? On some level, yes. However, my world and the choices I have made may have been very different. Exposure to ritual has provided a new insight to routine, affording the opportunity to cultivate awareness, insight and inspired action. Embrace ritual and reflect on its gifts for you.

Nancy Feth is a professional coach and strategic catalyst, passionate about relationships.  Her work with individuals, couples, businesses and teams has assisted each in developing relationships that are both authentic and intentional.  Clients served range from international organizations to small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.  Nancy and her partners recently launched Simply Grace, a women’s community designed to honor spiritual diversity and foster global kindness, compassion and love and Simply Serendipity, a boutique with an online presence and storefront in downtown Springfield, MA

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