You are Your Best Product

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What do you have that is most readily available and you will have to sell time and time again? You – your personality, your knowledge and your experiences. Whether it is a position you are vying for or a product or service you are selling, the thing you call “me” is at the core of closing the deal. For others to understand or “get” you, envelope yourself with the most appealing wrapper you can cultivate.

Few things are captured in just words alone. Bert Decker, the author of You Have got to be Believed to be Heard, says, “An old communicator uses the spoken word to dispense information. A new communicator uses not only the spoken word, but personal energy, enthusiasm, eye communication, gestures, and more to make an emotional connection with the listener.”

It is perfect that these components are mentioned in Mr. Decker’s book. These are valuable, and are the most important elements for packaging your best product.

Whatever method you choose, don’t short change your best product. If you want it to be the best then select a method that energizes, enthuses and speaks directly to what you want to convey. The product, service or item is secondary to you…you are your best product!

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