US News & World Report Confirms What We Knew To Be True

A Shift In Perspective


US News & World Report ranked the nation’s 125 most populous Metro areas as it relates to the quality of life, choosing Harrisburg as #1 in Pennsylvania and #44 in the nation. The information cited in the article is confirmation of the position we at The Urban Connection have taken for numerous years.


What started with highlighting the Dauphin County Music Festivals grew into recruitment and retention strategies for multicultural, multi-ethnic geographically diverse individuals. The Urban Connection coupled with the Access & Opportunity Career Fairs and Breakfast Series along with Make The Connection to the Capital Region all laid the foundation for Destination Dauphin County…Come To Visit Decide To Stay™.


To all of the thought leaders that have given voice to Access & Opportunity, I appreciate your perspective and commitment to opening the doors of employment to our local community and taking that message across the region and across the country. In October of 2018 the speakers in Hershey were Jeff Haste, Chairman Dauphin County Board of Commissioners and Melanie Harrington, President and CEO of Vibrant Pittsburgh. The conversation focused on the intersection of economic development and economic inclusion. Several key factors were outcomes of this dynamic discussion. On her third visit to the region, Melanie Harrington emphasized the question, are you a welcoming community? Why? Retention begins with recruitment! We were challenged to answer the quality of life question! This common thread has run through each of her visits. A clear outcome from both Commissioner Jeff Haste and Melanie Harrington, economic inclusion is a key factor in economic development.


The position of The Urban Connection, Dauphin County is a welcoming community and the hub of the region providing easy access to York, Lancaster, Carlisle, Reading, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and New York. From Harrisburg, the Capital of Pennsylvania, to Hershey we are Dauphin County This dynamic location offers a lifestyle that embraces, urban, suburban and the magnificent beauty of the outdoors. We are a hub for employment, education, transportation, arts, entertainment, and festivals. The nation is watching!

Congratulations to the Greater Harrisburg Metro Region and make Dauphin County your destination!


Vera Cornish, Publisher The Urban Connection