Vera Cornish, Publisher The Urban Connection
It was brought to my attention that every program The Urban Connection produces involves music. If you come to the Access & Opportunity Breakfast, there’s music. If you attend a Women of Heritage Leadership Breakfast, there’s music! Make no mistake; we then push the envelope for an elevated, courageous conversation that is a catalyst for change not only in the room but in the region!

Thank you, Commissioner Haste, for moderating the final breakfast of the season Technology & Transportation, what a fantastic way to close the 2019 series. Even more passionate during this conversation was the acknowledgment that music creates culture; it shifts the atmosphere and creates space for people to gather in a shared sense of community. I am so grateful to the visionaries that understand the impact.
Thank-you, Commissioner Haste, for bringing this to our attention at the State Of The County Address. I have been running with it ever since! Today, we have a registered trademark, Destination Dauphin County…Come To Visit Decide To Stay™ Where did it all start, with the Dauphin County Music Festivals!

Thank-you, Commissioner George Hartwick, for your commitment to Cultural Fest! An old school party in the street. The rest is history! Year after year, August becomes a time of high anticipation! This year 2019, the iconic Shelia E. came to The Dauphin County Cultural Fest, and the Urban Connection told the story! We are The Good News!

Say Hershey, Pennsylvania, and you have immediate brand recognition! Thank-you, Commissioners, for lending your voice to the first tour national recruiters had of Dauphin County. While they live and work in Central Pennsylvania, they had never seen Dauphin County from the perspective of the Urban Connection.

Melanie Harrington asked the question three times on three separate visits, “Do you look like a welcoming community from a distance?” Congratulations to the Dauphin County Jazz Festival, nineteen states plus the District of Columbia came to Fort Hunter to hear performances from national and internationally renowned performers like Pieces Of A Dream! Someone is always watching! However, people simply want to know you care.

Ask the people from Cincinnati?This is bigger than music festivals! It is Economic Inclusion! At the core of The Urban Connection is a commitment to a multicultural, multi-ethnic, geographically diverse community
of talented individuals. We know the quality of life is a critical factor in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and talent pool! While I have focused on Dauphin County Music mFestivals, make no mistake, we are a transportation hub with easy access to other Central Pennsylvania cities and larger metropolitan markets. What seems like music festivals is now a strategic initiative! The question is can we do
for employment what we do for tourism?